We Import the Highest Quality of Crafted Wine into the United States

P & M Beverage Imports is a business that imports crafted wine and craft beers from Europe into the United States. We plan to start things off the right way with a brand new line of exclusive wines from a winery named "Gambino Vini" that is located near an active volcano called Mount Etna on the island of Sicily.

All of the wines that this winery produces are made from four different kinds of grapes. The red wines are made with various types of grapes such the Nero D'Avola, Norrealo Cappuico, and the white wines are made from white grapes known as Carricante and Catarratto. The wines from this winery can be paired with a wide variety of items, including a broad range of different meats and cheeses.

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Our crafted wine for sale comes from the finest wineries in Sicily, which means that they provide a much different taste than that of domestic wines that are made here in the United States. There are also a number of different factors that contribute to the unique taste of our craft wines. Sicilian wines are made from grapes that are grown in the heat and receive cool breeze from the ocean, with some grapes even being grown near volcanic soil. All of these factors enable the grapes to develop a unique softness and sweetness, which becomes fully developed during the wine making process.

Our Fine Craft Wine features Incredible Quality & Flavor

All of our fine craft wine has incredible quality when it comes to flavor and elegance. The wines we import are available in two major types: Sicilia Rosso, which indicates a red wine made from grapes that originate in Sicily, and Sicilia Bianco, which refers to white wine that is made from grapes from Sicily.

Taste the Difference with Our Line of Exclusive Italian Fine Wine

The names of our Italian fine wine include Feud'o Rosso, Feud'o Bianco , Duvanera, Alicante, Tifeo Rosso, Tifeo Bianco, and Tifeo Rosato .

All three of our Tifeo wines were made out of grapes that were grown on the top of a volcano. We also carry an Etna Rosso wine that is called Petto Dragone, the most elegant wine of all the wines.

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